Attività in corso - Unità di Bergamo

Università di Bergamo (UNIBG)

The research activity of the unit of University of Bergamo has been focused on the definition and analysis of incentive policies and detection techniques to foster the co- operation among the different users that form a residential network. Cognitive Radio techniques have been investigated to further increase the available network capacity. More specifically, the research unit has designed an innovative marketplace based on auction theory to opportunistically exploit the WiFi access points made available by the users of the residential network in order to increase significantly the overall available bandwidth and satisfying the Quality of Service requirements of data connections. The proposed mechanism is robust against any manipulation attempted by selfish users in order to rule out honest participants. Since the optimal algorithm implementing the proposed marketplace is NP-Hard, the unit has further proposed and analyzed greedy algorithms which find efficiently good solutions, while satisfying the same properties of the optimal scheme.


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