Attività in corso - Unità di Trieste

Università di Trieste - UNITS

The Unit of Trieste has developed and evaluated high capacity transmission techniques and multiple access techniques for enabling multi-packet communication through multiple-antenna systems. The techniques under investigation are compatible with the IEEE 802 family of standards, taking into account also the operation in the 60 GHz frequency band (typically 57-66 GHz) capable of very high throughput (IEEE 802.11ad). An analytical model for evaluating the performance of a cooperative network adopting adaptive modulation and coding has been defined and an analytical model for determining the capture probability of a multi-packet network is under development. This model will be used for estimating the throughput of a network with multi-packet capabilities. The accuracy of the estimation will be evaluated by a novel simulator, developed in C++, able to model the physical layer, the multiple-antenna system and the ad hoc network. This simulator extends a previously developed simulator, based on NS-2 and Matlab (or Octave).


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