The GATEcom Project

The GATECOM project aims to design and develop the fundamental building blocks of a gateway-centric residential network architecture. This architecture, leveraging the Gateway as a “threshold device” and hinging on specially-designed middleware for Gateway and controlled nodes alike, will play a two-faced role:

  • It will coordinate all network devices inside the household (e.g., access points, PCs, storage devices, networked consumer electronics, sensors etc.); organize and schedule their communication in an efficient, eco-friendly fashion; provide a organized, single-access interface to all the data and content stored within the household residential network.
  • It will support and facilitate the access of residential users to network contents when they are on the move (whether the content is stored inside the house network or out in the cloud) in a seamless, transparent fashion; it will support wireless ad-hoc content sharing with nearby residential gateways; it will leverage other gateways’ cooperation to optimize community network resources.